Teaching Young Learners

SONY DSCThe NELC Xplore TEYL (Teaching English to Young Learners) is an internationally accredited, 60-hour course, available in-class or online, that prepares teachers for teaching kindergarten and primary school children, and is geared towards curriculum design and implementation. This course was designed by UK and South African early childhood education experts to meet the growing need for teachers with specific expertise in teaching young learners. A progression route for teachers who already possess a TESOL certificate, the NELC Xplore TEYL expands teachers’ skills and capabilities to teach English and develop curriculum for young children.

The aim of the course to broaden the scope of a teacher's knowledge and skill-set when it comes to teaching young learners through theoretical and practical training. Teaching younger learners can be complex and thus it is important for any teacher to have the correct knowledge of theories and best practices in order to be effective in the classroom.

Course Components:

  • Curriculum design and development
  • Learning methods of young children
  • Teaching learning exercises and activities
  • Classroom methods and techniques to be used when dealing with behaviour issues
  • Development of games, songs and visual materials and their use in teaching and assessment of young English learners

Key Benefits:

  • Gain insight into the psychology of young students
  • Learn and master the skills to teach young learners
  • Gain the ability to construct and implement full curriculums
  • Course is developed by professionals in child psychology and childhood learning

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