Yangon is the largest city in Myanmar that radiates with an intertwined charm of modern and colonialist era ambiance. It is also known for having lush parks and vibrant lakes that promote their international name “The Garden City of the East”. Yangon has much to offer, for a variety of ages, to continually propel the city to becoming a well-known booming international tourist destination.

The main domestic and international hub for air, rail and ground transportation is located in Yangon. Since Yangon is the main centre for transportation, the majority of the industrial and commercial sectors that help to propel the economy are located there as well. This makes Yangon the most convenient location for incoming travelers to experience the bustling urban culture as soon as they enter the country.

Many of the historical sites are related to Buddhism, as the majority of the Myanmar population is Buddhist. One of the bigger attractions is the Shwedagon Pagoda that towers with dominance and beauty. There are over 80,000 pieces of jewelry dotting the Pagoda and shrines in dedication to Buddha scattered around the base. Other pagodas include those of Botataung, Sule and Chaukhtatgyi that are just as well known as the Shwedagon. The sights of these temples could easily leave you in shock and awe during your stay.Yangon has a very interesting history that is believed to have started more than 2000 years ago. It begins by depicting Yangon as being built on the site of the ancient Mon city of Dagon next to the Yangon River.


This type of history contributes to the astounding beauty of architecture, layout of historical sites, and the development of the economy through having access to the port. Museums within Yangon proudly display relics from the ancient kingdoms and strive to share their wealth of knowledge about the transition from ancient to modern Yangon as seen today.

There are many forms of entertainment for any traveler or local as Yangon also offers an exquisite nightlife of discos, clubs and pubs. Each place is a gem of their own that could potentially offer more than just local beer and music but karaoke or traditional dance performances. If you are looking for a laid back evening, Yangon is home of some of the best sporting facilities in the country, allowing you to root for a team in various events such as volleyball, tennis, swimming or football.


Yangon also has very affordable and pristine golf courses, where the best one hosts the annual Myanmar Open Golf Tournament that would showcase the exceptional skills of all locals and foreigners alike. After a round of golf you can relax those muscles at one of the many spas located in the resorts.

Other attractions include the Yangon Zoo or the street markets scattered throughout the city. Those markets can provide an exhilarating chance to test out your bargaining skills. The biggest market, Bagyoke Aung San Market, is held in a classic colonial building that can house up to 1,641 shops containing numerous treasures. If markets are not for you then you have the option to browse the upscale brand-name stores offered in the Blazon Shopping Centre.

Yangon has numerous attractions for all ages that can offer you full days of entertainment and relaxation. With the growing expansion of tourism the main hub of trade and retail industries will continually grow to draw in more foreigners interested in a culture full of welcoming locals. The charm and beauty of Yangon is incredibly unique to the country presenting an extraordinary opportunity to explore and witness it for yourself.  NELC-Xplore is excited to introduce you to the city we are so proud to be involved with!

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