English Programs

gen english

General English 

Our general English training program is designed to give students maximum exposure to real world English and practical applications suited to their particular needs. This means that our general English training program is tailored to meet your needs and desired outcomes. Read More

Business eng

Business English

Our Business English program is tailored to meet an organization's needs, aims, and goals. Regardless of the size of the class, NELC Xplore will assess the major need areas of the group before presenting a program that is completely customized to a specific organization. This means that your company will get the best of both our expertise combined with your company's aims and goals. Read More


Hospitality English

Our hospitality English training course exceeds ASEAN training standards. With tourism and hospitality being rapidly expanding sectors in Myanmar, this is the perfect course to ensure that your staff are qualified and prepared to deal with the influx of foreign tourists and business clientele. Read More


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