Community Development

SONY DSCNELC Xplore’s primary mission is to provide educational opportunities and promote sustainability in Myanmar. NELC Xplore recognizes the situation created by the political and civil turmoil in Myanmar’s recent history, and makes it a priority to donate funds, personal time, and resources to help those in need.

NELC Xplore continues to expand its corporate social responsibility activities in Myanmar, using our expertise and resources to help the country develop and give life-changing opportunities to disadvantaged groups across the country. Now with our volunteer programs YOU can get involved too! We are happy to offer some incredible opportunities to volunteers from native English speaking countries. You can to help educate the people who genuinely need your support the most.

SONY DSCOur volunteer in Myanmar program is an incredibly rewarding experience on various levels. It will allow those who are looking to experience another culture and give back to communities the ability to do so in a fascinating and diverse country. We currently have two volunteer programs: an orphanage just outside of Yangon, and a tea plantation in a Palaung ethnic tribal village in the Shan State.

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