120 Hour In-Class TESOL

10795188915_8322d8fe07_bTESOL or Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, is the certification in teaching English as a second language. The NELC Xplore 120-hour TESOL/TEFL provides significant instruction on the theories, strategies and techniques of teaching English as a second/foreign language.

NELC Xplore provides a 120 Hour TESOL course that is internationally accredited by OTTSA. NELC-Xplore is an institutional member of the United Kingdom College of Teachers (www.collegeofteachers.ac.uk). The curriculum covers how to teach the various dimensions of English-language education, including speaking, reading, listening and grammar. Following each lecture / workshop, students are required to develop lesson plans, which they then present and receive feedback on from their trainer and peers. Students also study best practices in classroom management, error correction and learner assessment and apply these in their direct teaching practice at a local school or English Language Centres. The students are evaluated and receive formal feedback from NELC Xplore instructors.

TESOL Course Components:

  • Strong grounding in the history and theory of teaching English as a foreign/second language. This is taught in a way that emphasizes application of theory to enhance success in a Myanmar classroom setting.
  • Significant practical training in how to teach listening, reading, speaking and writing in the classroom, including extensive lesson plan development, presentation, and feedback both from peers and instructors.
  • Tons of tips, tricks and examples of how to teach English to every age group.
  • Advice and guidance for effective classroom management.
  • Practical training and assessment through participation in a non-profit English camp for disadvantaged kids.

SONY DSCNon-Profit English Camp

→ The non-profit English camp is set up to provide our TESOL students the opportunity to put into practice the methods and theories learnt on the course in a real-world environment while at the same time giving back a valuable experience to some of the disadvantaged youths of Myanmar. The practical is also assessed by the instructor and will count towards a students overall grade at the end of the course.


Key Benefits:

  • Internationally accredited certification
  • NELC Xplore is an institutional member of the United Kingdom College of Teachers
  • Course methodologies are based on the latest ESL research and training standards
  • Courses cover the most important facets of teaching English including teaching speaking, reading, listening and grammar
  • Courses cover additional aspects of teaching such as classroom management, error correction, and learner assessment
  • Peer and instructor review and feedback
  • Practical application projects during the course focusing on real-world situations

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