Past Performance

Here is a breakdown of our past projects which span a multitude of services that we offer. Below you will find case studies from various projects involving different organizations within Myanmar.

Teacher Development

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NELC-Xplore’s flagship course is an internationally accredited, 120 hour In-class TESOL/TEFL provided by expert trainers with decades of industry experience. The course is currently being taught to the teachers at Nelson English Language Center, part of the joint venture of NELC-Xplore. The Challenge NELC-Xplore faced was how to build the capacity of already experienced and successful English teachers at NELC. NELC-Xplore’s Approach was to place significant focus upon building teachers’ repertoire of routines, skills and strategies to teach English to people of all ages and developing the ability to plan structured lessons. The Outcome is that English teachers at NELC are learning an important best-practices and international standard approach to teach English and helping the next generation of Myanmar youth, as well as adults, to learn English more effectively. This program is on-going at NELC-Xplore.


TESOL Workshop

bannerMyanmar Noble College (MNC) is an accredited, highly respected private college in Yangon. The Challenge was that Myanmar college students lacked confidence in their spoken English. The Solution NELC Xplore implemented was to use a new teaching method that focused on the communicative approach. This included a one-week workshop to train teachers to create interesting and communicative English lessons tailored to the specific discipline, as well as improving teacher practice. The Outcome was that MNC teachers were able to use the NELC Xplore English teaching methodology to create interactive and creative lessons that improved student’s ability to communicate in English. Teachers also improved their assessments and reporting practices.


Language Training


Muninmax is an international engineering company specializing in the manufacturing of processing equipment. The Challenge that the NELC Xplore team faced was how to help Engineers at Muninmax interact with native English speaking clients in other countries by phone, in writing, and in person. The Solution developed was a customized program to help improve engineers’ understanding of specific English vocabulary and enable them to interact with their customers in their daily job roles. This was accomplished through the development of role play and specific scenarios to help engineers practice English in their work settings. The Outcome was that Munimax engineers improved their English language capability and in evaluations they explained that they had more confidence speaking English. Similar favourable feedback was provided by Muninmax management.


English Training For IELTS

Lithaan University CollegeLithan University in Yangon, asked NELC Xplore to provide consulting services to prepare students for International English Language Testing System, an international standardised test of English language proficiency. The Challenge was how to help students with limited English proficiency and help them study reading, listening, speaking, and vocabulary skills, to help them score highly on the exam and have the opportunity to study at universities in native English-speaking countries. NELC-Xplore’s Solution was to provide a high-quality US instructor with a Bachelor degree in Education, an internationally accredited TESOL, and English teaching experience in Asia. He was tasked with employing the NELC-Xplore TESOL/TEFL English teaching methodology to improve students’ English language proficiency. The Outcome cannot be measured since NELC-Xplore is still in the early days of the program.


Educational Consulting


Myanmar Noble College (MNC), a private college in Yangon, Myanmar, was concerned that they were unprepared for the review of their teaching accreditation. NELC Xplore assessed the College’s curriculum, policies and procedures. The Challenge was identified as a lack of framework/policies for lesson observations and measuring learning outcomes. NELC-Xplore’s Solution was to implement new policies and procedures amongst the teaching faculty, focusing on a new method of lesson observation. Stage 1 included introducing a culture of self-reflection, and implementing a process that encouraged professional development. Stage 2 implemented procedures for grading, and lesson observations, setting targets for the coming year, arranging staff training and monitoring progress. The Outcome was to develop a new teaching observation, and improve the quality of teaching. Staff became familiar with the new policy and processes and gained the confidence to implement the new procedures. Sandra also created a follow-up action plan to ensure that the new framework and procedures were implemented and reviewed on a continuing basis.


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